Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Halo 4 Details out! Including Multiplayer!

343 Studios and Microsoft spoke to Game Informer about the Halo 4 and gave out a lot of details about the game!

First off it the Halo Infinity Multiplayer! Halo Infinity is a starship essentially where you customize your character for battle and combines both your Multiplayer career with your Single player career. The Devs wanted to put the Multiplayer aspect more into the world of Halo.

Second is the Sparton Ops! This is basically a combination of the Single Player story with the Multiplayer mechanics. They are weekly mission that will come out that wil either be Single player or Co-op.

Third is War Games! War Games is the traditional multiplayer experience we all know and love. Although there will be more innovation, such as new game modes, guns etc.

Lastly, and probably the most surprising, is a Perk System! There are not many details on the Perks, but I believe they will work similar to Call of Duty. It allows more customization to your Halo experience.

So are you guys excited for these changes? Or do you prefer the old Halo style? Comment below!

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