Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 finally hacked?

So it appears Modern Warfare 3 has finally been hacked. The above video is from a youtuber commentator known as OpTic Nadeshot. He was put into a lobby where you have thermal vision all the time and radar is on. This poses many problems pointed out by Nadeshot. Nadeshot is big in the competitive world and his friend witnessed this in a Gamebattles match. Gamebattles if an online gaming arena where teams can duke it out for real life prizes and prestige.

What's next for InfinityWard? Will they be able to patch things up before it gets out of hand? Or will the hackers do what they did to Modern Warfare 2 and make it virtually unplayable. We wil find out in the next couple weeks and you will hear it here first!

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