Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 Face Off Mode Revealed!

Infinityward and Sledgehammer games have announced their DLC collection 2! Although this was a given, the surprise comes from their all new game mode!

The new game mode is called Face Off mode which is essentially Cage match from COD4. Players play each 1 v 1 or now 2 v 2. You can set the rules to whatever you want. If you want snipers only, you can do that, no perks?, you can do that as well! The Face Off mode comes with its own exclusive maps designed for this playlist. To start off, there will be 4 maps for this mode alone!

The DLC comes out for Xbox Elite members first on May 15th and content collection comes out for the rest of Xbox on May 22nd. PS3 and PC date TBA.

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