Monday, May 14, 2012

Australian Diablo III pre-orders from GAME will not be fulfilled...and not given a refund?

If you order from GAME and your from Australia, you're probably not going to be playing Diablo III. News just came in that GAME will not be receiving stock for Diablo III.

That's fine right? Sometimes they do not get stock so you can just go to other stores. But wait, they also CAN'T GET A REFUND???? What sorcery is this? It also surprisingly is not illegal, so they can get away with this.

A store manager said that consumer's will just have to write this one off. So this opens up to talk about North American stores. What if this happened in North American stores? What would the outcome be? Hopefully there are laws protecting us here.

Hopefully the Australian Diablo III fans get there games and GAME figures out a way to retain their customers because they are going to take a big hit on their consumer base.

What are your thoughts on this tragedy? Comment below?

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