Monday, May 7, 2012

Assassin's Creed 3: Gameplay trailer out!

Hey guys! So the new AC trailer is out and I must say, it is amazing! It starts off with the main character, chasing a what looks to be a soldier during the US Civil war. The main character loads up his arrow and shoots the bow to the knee of the soldier. The wounded soldier then crawls and the trailer ends by showing the main character taking ou a knife.

This is not the end, looks like Ubisoft has launched a viral campaign called Unite to Unlock the world premiere gameplay. To unlock the next trailer, everyone must either tweet, share or post to unlock the trailer. Altogether, there must be 1,766,000 posts, tweets or shares to unlock the trailer. What catchs me is the number. Why 1,766,000? Does it have any significance? We will find out soon, as of right now there are about 6/20 orbs of the way there. Remember, as soon as the trailer hits, you will find it here first with all the info! Comment on your thoughts!

Below is the website for the viral campaign

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